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ASEM logo
ASEM project


Asem is the sports consulting agency specialized in Subsaharian Africa. Omodo took care of ASEM visual identity as well as the whole website code and design.

Pollen atelier logo
Pollen atelier project

Pollen Atelier

Pollen atelier first mission is to flower our homes and those of our loved ones with bouquets of dried flowers that keep their splendor day after day. The website design was done and coded by Omodo.

Mais Gate logo
Mais Gate project

Maïs Gaté

Mais gaté is a creative video production company. They value talent and people ready to take risks in new approaches. Omodo took care of the design and code of the website.

Glorie Fondation logo
Glorie Fondation project

Louis Kares

Louis Kares is a young french multidisciplinary artist currently based in Canada focusing himself on exploring the depths of paint. Omodo coded and designed his new website following the will to let the works speak for themselves.